Rolfing Sessions are 75-90 minutes. Before and After pictures are available by request. $120 per session

Single Session: Sometimes you just need a little myofascial TLC. Great as a way to try Rolfing out, as maintenance, or as a touch up after a series.  

Three Series: Three session protocol adapted to your body’s needs. Committing to 3 sessions allows me to create a treatment plan. Great for maintenance, troubleshooting, or to take your post ten series body to the next level. Pay in full or by the session.

The Ten Series: AKA “the recipe”, this is the 10 session protocol Rolfers are known for. We’ll connect with and reorganize your body from head to toe, balancing it in relationship to itself and gravity.  Long term aches, pains, and restrictions may improve or disappear as the series unfolds…and stay gone.  This protocol can be life changing. You’ll develop a new relationship with your body and an upgraded internal owner’s manual. Before and after pictures are highly recommended.

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Astrology Reading: This recorded reading focuses three wisdom sources on the issue or subject you’d like to explore: You, me, and your astrology. What emerges in the conversation is richer, more relevant, and more impactful than a reading of your chart at just the level of information. My role is part diviner, part space holder, and part non judgmental witness, and my intention is to help you reconnect deeply with the core of who you are, what you care about, and where you’d like to go next. I will need your birth time, date, and location, and we can discuss anything you’d like. 60-75 minutes.  $125 

Psychospiritual Support Package:  This package is reserved for clients who have already had an astrology reading with me. It is a 12 session commitment and an opportunity to receive ongoing support for those of you who would like to continue working together. I pull from all the tools in my toolbox for this one, including astrology, which will serve as a backdrop (but not the main focus) of our sessions. A single session can catalyze insight or a shift of perspective, but real change happens in the cauldron of relationship and intention within a safe container. That relationship and safety is cultivated over time.  My background is in the world’s spiritual and philosophical traditions, as well as a handful of tried and true healing methods, but I am not a psychotherapist. So I refer out as needed, and work under the supervision of a well seasoned psychosynthesis therapist (and fellow astrologer).  Ask me for more details if interested.  $90 per session

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