What is Rolfing®?

If you ask 10 different Rolfer’s that question, you might get 10 different answers. For a glimpse of how deep that rabbit hole goes, check out this beautiful video.

Here’s a straight forward, tangible definition. Rolfing is a form of hands on manual therapy that seeks to optimize a body’s functioning and wellbeing by increasing it’s adaptability and the support it receives from gravity. It does this by reorganizing the connective tissues of the body so that they function as an integrated whole.

Rolfing is a physical practice grounded in science; a hands on manual therapy with results so clear that we frequently offer before and after pictures.

Dr. Rolf with a client

But Rolfing’s founder Dr. Ida Rolf was both a scientist (earning a PhD in Biochemistry in 1920) and a mystic. She once told her students “there is a rumor going around that Ida Rolf does not believe in the soul or spirit. That is poppycock. It’s just that right now the body is the only thing I can get my hands on.”

Her intent transcended physical form. For me, Rolfing is a means of encouraging a body to express the being it belongs to as fully and effectively as is possible at that moment. The more adaptable, resilient, supported, and nourished your body is, the more it can support change, growth, and full expression on every other level of your being. It’s not about becoming perfectly symmetrical. It’s about embodying who you are at a higher level.


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Things to know before your session…

Rolfing is performed with clients in their underwear. We’ll start with a visual assessment of your structure. Wear whatever you’re comfortable with – sports bras and yoga shorts are great, but really any kind of underwear is fine. Some people experience the work as intense – physically, emotionally, or both. The edge of your comfort zone is a fruitful place for change, but venturing too far beyond that can backfire. If it’s too intense, your body probably isn’t responding well to it anymore! So, communicate and I’ll adapt. You always have the final say.

And if you have any questions during your session, just let me know.

Kind Words…


“Jackie Ames is a body worker of the highest caliber. I have experienced Rolfing with several different practitioners, and Jackie’s work stands among the best- her visual analysis and intuitive sensing of my body’s fascial patterns was uncanny, and her hands-on work in response to what she saw and felt was not only anatomically right on, but had the emotional sensitivity i needed in order to comfortably open up.” -Kerry Orr

“Hi Jackie, I felt like a new person after my last visit with you! I felt dramatically better with no symptoms for three days, the muscles along my spine have stayed relaxed and pain free, and I can breathe much better now. I’ve had less severity of dizziness since then and less tinnitus. I also noticed that the pinched nerve pain I’d had on the back left of my neck is totally gone now! (That had been bothering me for 29 years!!!)” -Kalin Baker

“Recently I completed the Rolfing 10 series with Jackie Ames. I feel like I’m  walking around in a whole new body. While walking & running, my legs can now roll freely behind me without my hip turning out to compensate. This wider range of motion in the hips and pelvis means that that my lower back can remain upright without constant tension. Opening up the front and back shoulder connections allowed them to fall naturally into place and down my back as opposed to curling in and forward. That frees up my neck to rotate without pulling on the shoulder complex as well.

The changes to my posture, balance, and alignment have continued through the months after my Rolfing sessions. It’s allowed me to explore new activities without having to ‘recover’ with a sore back or shoulders after hard exercise. My breathing and mobility during training feels more open, relaxed, and loose.

I recommend Jackie’s Rolfing 10 series for anyone involved seriously or casually in cycling, running, climbing, yoga, combat sports, or even just walking around.” – J Deckert
“I first saw Jackie for an astrology reading (and it was very rich and deep and meaningful). Then I came to her, knowing she is a rolfer, for jaw tension that has been a part of my life for decades . After two sessions with Jackie the jaw tension is gone and it has stayed that way for several months. If I start to tense it, I notice right away and relax because the pattern has been so un-wound through Jackie’s work that my body doesn’t even want to go into the old pattern. With that great experience with Jackie under my belt, I embarked on the 10-series with her. I am halfway through and I am so happy with the results. I can feel the change and it has been easy to maintain. I am getting compliments from friends, family and strangers- literally- that I have beautiful posture. And I can feel that- and it’s effortless for me to maintain that good posture that people are complimenting me on- Jackie has been helping my body un-wind it’s physical holding patterns and my body is naturally settling in to a relaxed and healthy posture. It’s so cool. I’m a client for life now- and, Jackie didn’t ask me to write her a testimonial, this is my delight and appreciation for her work overflowing out of me and it needs to be shared!” – Alexandra Davis

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