Sky and Ground exists to support people in “stealing themselves back”, so we can all get down to the business of living the most connected, caring, and creative lives possible. For that to happen, we need our body intelligence fully online, and our connection to the cosmos singing in our cells. Like so many of us, I internalized messages that are soul numbing, body rejecting, creativity and connection killers. Rolfing® and Astrology are two powerful tools I’ve found to bring myself “home”. It’s time for us all to reclaim ourselves.

I’m a certified Rolfer™, professional astrologer and the founder of Sky and Ground. I fell in love with astrology in 2003 and began offering readings in 2007, the same year I became a massage therapist. In 2010, I took over my massage mentor’s practice, and ran that until I fell in love again in 2012, this time with Rolfing®. Rolfing took me to Boulder, CO to train at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, and I completed that training in August of 2013.

As much as (or more than) any bodywork or astrology training, my work is influenced by two independent studies. The first was seven years of training with Chris Largent at The Seventh Academy, a school that interweaves the spiritual traditions of the world with history and classical philosophy, to give people practical tools for life. The second was three years of study and participation with Andrea Bosbach Largent in Family Constellation Work, a method of working with the “family soul” that was developed in Germany by Bert Hellinger and truly changes lives. Confusingly it has nothing to do with astrology. Both of these experiences rocked me to my core, reshaped my lens on reality, and birthed me as the practitioner I am.

I live in the foothills of Boulder, CO amongst the bears, bobcats, and way too many musical instruments (as if there is such a thing).

(302) 544-0806