Family Constellations

Saturday, September 4th, 10:00AM to 6:00PM

3825 Iris Ave #310, Boulder, CO 803014 
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We are each so much more than just an individual.

We are an integral part of the soul of the universe.

Zooming back in: we are also an integral part of the soul of our family. And in this culture, we generally have no idea how much that influences us.

The stories of our ancestors, the generations that came before us – these stories live in us in a very real way. And they can either empower and enliven us, or we can live helpless to unconscious entanglements with their fate, sacrificing our own well being.

Or, as constellations facilitator Andrea Largent asks: “What if the issues in our lives are doorways to resolving patterns in our family system going back generations? What if the problems we face began not with us but with those who came before us? What if we are putting their stories ahead of our own? What if, by making peace with our ancestors, we bring peace into our lives, engage in living our lives to the fullest, and clear the path for our children as well?” 

Constellation work is a wildly experiential means of discovering just how connected  we are to our families, our ancestors, their stories, and each other. More than that, it can potentially shift patterns you’ve been struggling with for years, even if you never thought they had anything to do with your family.

During this powerful day long workshop, we will bring to life the hidden dynamics of 3 or 4 participant’s families, and see what is ready to change and heal. This work is about trust. For those of you familiar with Constellations: we will work blind. That means the only person who knows who is representing who is the client. Not the facilitator, not the representatives. We step blindly into the process and trust the innate healing intelligence of the family field. Nothing is forced. Magic unfolds.

If you’ve never seen this work before, feel free to get in touch for a conversation before you attend.

Note for those of you who know me as an astrologer: This is not astrology! It’s a totally different kind of “Constellation”! Confusing, I know.

Saturday, September 4th, 10:00AM to 6:00PM 
Representatives: $75, or $50 before 9/2/21 
Clients: $225, or $185 before 9/2/21 (includes two 30-45 phone calls: one before the workshop, one after) 
3825 Iris Ave #310, Boulder, CO 80301 
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Constellations Testimonials…

I signed up as a representative for a constellation workshop, and all I can say is my mind was blown! When standing on a mat, we energetically and emotionally embodied a member of the client’s family, and worked through the difficult relationship dynamics and patterns, while Jackie masterfully moved us (the family) towards illuminating breakthroughs to healing. I went in with the simple intention of staying open and helping the clients, but I found that the process was enormously healing for me, both consciously and subconsciously. Consciously I came away with a much greater understanding of my connection to my family, the strengths and struggles of the lineage, and the incredible thread of pure love that exists through our bloodline. Subconsciously something just shifted. I slept like a rock after the workshop and woke up with total clarity on a decision I was struggling with… Jackie is a warm, mindful and powerful facilitator. Her passion for the work is clear, and her care and concern for each person in the room created a climate of real safety, wherein we could all be vulnerable and truly open to the magic. I can’t wait to return to this work as a client, and I would highly recommend it to anyone on a healing or self-development path. – Lindsay  

“Family Constellations are a very surprising modality to me. It seems hard to believe it works until you do it yourself. I’ve had two constellations facilitated by Jackie for my family and both have created powerful and lasting change around issues that previously felt intractable. I believe there comes a point where even the most dedicated individual cannot fully heal while only focusing on themselves. At some point, you have to understand the energy patterns of your lineage in order to understand yourself, find deeper acceptance, and discover love at the core of every family system. Jackie is a wizard that remains grounded and confident while playing in the magical and often challenging world of family dynamics. I feel absolute trust in her ability to hold and facilitate the issues that feel most vulnerable and close to our hearts.” – Kelley Neumann  

“I had my first family constellations experience about a year ago with Jackie as a facilitator. Like most people new to constellations, I really didn’t know what to expect but I did know that I was in need of healing around a personal issue that I suspected had roots in my family dynamics. The workshop itself was illuminating, moving, astounding and enriching. It was a beautiful day spent dedicated to healing and I felt deeply grateful to the participants for stepping into my family constellation to help in the healing for me and my family.

I know that these types of results can’t always be seen so quickly or tangibly – but for me, I started to see shifts and healing in the pattern (that I brought to the workshop as my intention to heal) immediately. And the results and realizations seem to continue to unfold one year later. I credit the Constellation that Jackie and the participants did on my behalf as the critical turning point on this particular issue in my life and as I said, the tangible results in my life are quite obvious and rewarding.

Since being a Client, I have returned several times to be a participant in others’ constellations – perhaps 10 of them now. I have learned almost as much about myself as a participant in others’ constellations as I did being a Client, and I’ve also seen very obvious and rewarding changes in my life based on what has unfolded for me as a participant.

This is a powerful healing modality that takes us out of the psychological processing and banter and just gets to moving energy that is stuck or disordered within our family lines, and therefore through our lives. There is really nothing else like it. I am elated that Jackie’s work and this modality are now a part of my life and my healing journey. And I love that it relies on the participation of others. That in and of itself is healing! I am honored to participate in the work on behalf of others, and grateful that others will participate on my behalf.” – Alexandra Davis



Past Events:

Radically Ok With All Of You: Community Circles

In a culture that makes us feel like we’re not enough, (not smart, sexy, accomplished, creative, successful, interesting, productive, perfect, cool, spiritual….WHATEVER enough, you fill in the blank) we need to counteract some nasty messages. How? Self acceptance and self compassion are CRUCIAL, but we are social creatures. We also need safe spaces to come together and talk, laugh, be seen, and be heard.

Brené Brown identified twelve categories where people feel like they’re not enough (like body image, money, parenting, sexuality, and addiction to name a few).

As an astrologer, it was a familiar list. It looks like someone put the twelve houses in a blender. With over 2000 years of tradition to bring to the table, astrology has a thing or two to say about each topic.

Over the course of 6 months we’ll hold a circle for each one. Even if one of these isn’t “your issue” there will still be lots of “ahas” and juicy conversation. You might accidentally learn a little astrology but you don’t need to know any. You just need to show up willing to connect and be seen.

PS: Circles like this are often reserved for women. This circle welcomes all genders. Join us if you’re called to, we want to hear your voice.

$10 per circle
HoloWINC, 3012 Folsom St, Boulder, CO 80304

Register here:


Here’s a snapshot of the series…

The First House: The #1 “I’m not enough” trigger for women: Appearance and body Image.

Photo by Rachel Thor and Andrea Rossi

The Second House: Money, confidence, and when self esteem gets in the way.

The Third House: Stereotypes, being labeled, and moving from dismissive assumptions to authentic connection.

The Fourth House: Foundations of belonging. Home, family, tribe, history. It all starts here.

The Fifth House: Parenting, creativity, and other risks of the heart.

The Sixth House: The Sixth house: Physical health, aging, the busy syndrome, and…PERFECTIONISM.

The Seventh House: Intimate Relationships.

The Eighth House: Sexuality (need I say more?).

The Ninth House: Religion, spirituality, faith and worldview.

The Tenth House: Work status and public persona.

The Eleventh House: Surviving Trauma.

The Twelfth House: Addiction (and other things that go on behind closed doors).



Ok with all of you: Authenticity, Shame, and Astrology

It happens to all of us.

One moment you’re capable, confident, and self assured, and the next you’re falling down a rabbit hole of self doubt and self judgement. Whether your struggle is body image, an addiction, sexuality, a relationship pattern, parenting, or something else, we all have triggers that can take us from fully functional adult to hot mess in half a second.

Dr. Brene Brown has started a necessary national conversation about shame. Necessary, because the less we talk about it, the more control it has over our lives…and everyone deals with it. Learning how to work with it is THE KEY to living our most vibrant, authentic and connected lives.

Join us as we use astrology and the work of Dr. Brene Brown to talk about the enormous power of the question: “Am I worthy of love and belonging?”, and what can change when we become aware of how we are answering that question every day. We’ll explore:

  • Why toxic shame is SO common in our culture
  • Common traps we fall into
  • The 12 areas of life where people most commonly feel shame
  • The one area of life with the biggest impact for healing
  • Ways of dealing with shame that don’t work…and what does

Finally, we’ll dive into the #1 shame trigger issue for women (which is also the first astrological house): Appearance and body image – and how to cultivate body love so fierce it can’t be corroded.


Early bird $10 until Feb 3rd. $15 afterwards.
Saturday Feb 6th, 10 AM – 12
HoloWINC, 3012 Folsom st, Boulder, CO 80302


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