No One has more wisdom about you and your life than you do.

We astrologers have access to a celestial language that speaks volumes, but no one can possibly be more in tune with you than… you. So, if we’re going to work together, you should know that:

  • I am NOT going to try to tell you who you are
  • I am NOT going to try to tell you what to do
  • I am NOT going to try to tell you what will happen to you

And most importantly

  • I am NOT going to make value judgements about you based on your chart.

You are the final authority on you.

Too often during astrology readings a client will just hand over their personal power and ask for “The Answers”. But of course it doesn’t work that way.

The readings I offer are a collaboration. The more I know you, the more deftly I can work with the symbols. The work that really matters happens over time as people show up and share themselves in their struggle.


I practice astrology by listening deeply. You might find yourself talking more than me, and that’s fine. I offer a safe space where change can happen, and that’s just as important as my interpretations.

There’s no judgement in astrology symbols. People and astrologers may place judgement on the signs and stars, but that’s not inherent to the language. Astrology doesn’t hide what we try to hide or reject what we try to reject. Instead, it often frames things in a completely new light.


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Kind words…

“You are a very wise woman Jackie! I thank you for your help, love, insight and guidance! I will take this to heart…”

– A.B.

“Just *finally* listened to that full recording of the session today…
My heart feels buoyant; I am truly touched by the connection I felt in working with you. It was fun to listen back… interesting to reflect/recall things you said, as well as what I shared. Thank you, Jackie! You do very much offer that safe space for authenticity to bloom. Such a gift.”
– Ashley Rae

“Powerful powerful powerful, cathartic, and steps to take that I am willing to take. Your work is strong and potent- thank you.” – Alexandra Davis

“I am very grateful for your skill set, your wisdom, and really for exactly who you are. As I go forward, I will consider you a marvelous resource!” – C.R.

“Jackie Ames gave me one of the best astrological readings I have ever had – and I am over 60 and have had several! Her breadth of knowledge, use of extraordinary tools/methods, and her intuitive focus on useful areas to be examined are superb. I came away, as one should, with new insights, new directions of thought, and a feeling of integrated understanding.” – Nanette Furman


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